TFTLabs Ships TFTWeb v1.0 for 3D Viewing on Cloud

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26 Jan, 2012

TFTLabs S.A.S, announces today TFTWeb, a revolutionary, 100 % web-based tool for optimized 3D communication.

TFTWeb gathers a comprehensive set of functionalities to communicate and collaborate on 3D data on various operating systems and browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari.
TFTWeb works directly on data from all native or generic CAD formats (more than 20 formats) up to their latest revision.

“The cloud is a must to deploy agile communication solutions to optimize business processes. However, up to now, 3D manufacturing users were not well treated in this respect, as they have still to deal with legacy desktop software. With TFTWeb, we bring this amazing ubiquity of the web to 3D manufacturing users.” says Francois Chretien, CEO and Chief Scientist.

“Forget about proprietary, expensive and closed 3D solutions. TFTWeb does not require ANY software or plug-in installation on your desktop computer. Just sign-in with your web browser and start sharing the native CAD files from your desktop as simple URLs. Within five minutes, you can get all your team connected on your 3D assets, start a project review, make decisions and track modifications.” says Jean-Luc Brocard, COO and Quality and Customers Support Manager.


TFTLabs SAS is a company dedicated to 3D Open solutions for Cloud Computing in the Manufacturing Market founded by CAD and Interoperability Veterans.

TFTWEB V1.0 is available now. For pricing and more detailed product information, please contact

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