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5 Juin, 2013

First worldwide presentation in Las Vegas:
Dexip and TFTLabs showcase an entire plant in 3D
on Microsoft Pixel Sense 40’’.

At Intergraph Hexagon‘s Global Network conference in Las Vegas, DEXIP ELHOM®Solution and ELHOM®Mobility platforms will be equipped with 3D technology from TFTLabs in both mobile tablet and Microsoft Pixel Sense® environments.

DEXIP, is a subsidiary of GDFSuez and partner of INTERGRAPH software editor.
TFTLabs is a leading expert in 3D technologies and interoperability, based in Lyon, France.

Following their agreement of early 2013, DEXIP and TFTLabs teams have been closely working together to combine their technologies.
Today, 3D integration is the first operational result of this collaboration.
All major 3D native formats can now be exploited and synchronized with GIS data, 2D drawings or any other document.

The 3D module comprises advanced functionalities for navigation, publication and management of 3D technical data, all accessible through touch-screen interface.
Data are in TFTLabs JSON3D format, thus accessible from mobile devices or Web browsers as well.
The entire platform combining both DEXIP and TFTLabs technologies gathers all necessary features for design review.

For more information, check out the video.

Numerous companies in energy, aerospace, automotive, defense and research sectors have already expressed their big interest in this innovative technology.

DEXIP, a subsidiary of GDFSuez and partner of INTERGRAPH software editor, has developed innovative interfaces for data management and
publication under the brand ELHOM ® Solution.
DEXIP proposes Asset Information Management services in industrial engineering and maintenance fields –

Who we are ?

TFTLabs is a leading expert in 3D technologies and interoperability, based in Lyon, France.

TFTLabs developed innovative solutions for 3D communication and collaboration for the Web and mobile devices for native 3D data
coming from mechanical CAD, AEC, process and plant design , …

TFTLabs Products work directly on 3D data from all native or generic CAD formats (more than 20 formats) up to their latest revision.

JSON3D file format is pure JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), Part of ECMAScript/Javascript ISO Standard. JSON3D is open (textual), customizable, optimized for compressed Web transmission/usage and compatible with Mobile/Tablet.

ELHOM ® Solution is a registered trademark of DEXIP
TFTWeb, TFTPad, TFT4iT et TFTLabs are registered trademarks of TFTLABS SAS
All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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